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Check Your Dignity At the Door

Check Your Dignity At the Door
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Instead, Thursday afternoon I started aching all over. By 11pm Thursday night I was vomiting. By midday Friday I was basically immobile, unable to keep anything down and was completely panicking that my surgery was going to be postponed. This went on through Saturday afternoon when I finally I had to go to urgent care to get put on an IV because I was so dehydrated. It is only today - Sunday - that I can sit up, slowly gnaw on a piece of dry bread and sip Gatorade. But this is a major improvement and makes me just a little giddy that I can do these simple things.

I will say that Wine Guy has been quite incredible during these trying few days. Don't get me wrong, he's not my mommy, which is who you really want babying you while you think you are dying with your head in a toilet bowl. But for a guy, he was pretty darn wonderful and has taken great care of me. Today was his first time out of the apartment this whole weekend and he kept checking on me to make sure I was OK. Now he's coming home to make me my first "meal" since Thursday afternoon - chicken broth! Yum, yum!